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I wrote this directly for you… hear my own voice through the words on here.

About Kobby Prairie

Ernest Kwabena Opare Owusu, as he is officially called, is a christian singer/songwriter and public speaker born in the capital city Accra, Ghana. He is better known by his stage name Kobby Prairie. He spent his formative years spent studying music online. After a course in French and Spanish at the Ghana Institute of Languages, Kobby was torn between going to England to study Psychology- on a half a scholarship- and staying home to follow up with his love for music. He started writing his own materials and he has not looked back since 2010. 

In 2014, after signing a record and management contract with Hillikz Music and Mass Concept respectively, he released his debut single “Heart Song” and embarked on a philanthropic project dubbed “Moment on The Prairie”. “My First Love [An Ode to Mothers]” was later released in 2016 alongside a CD containing two other songs and three soundtracks.

Kobby Prairie’s desire to polish up his naturally-good communication skills, lead to a four years hiatus from full engagement in music: He went back to college in 2015 and graduated with a degree in Communication Studies at Pentecost University.

“The Soul Therapist” is a tag he was given by the attendees of one of his many performances across the country. Undoubtedly, “The Soul Therapist” knew how to capture and keep the attention of his audience. On and beyond the stage, Kobby Prairie is an encourager; one can not possible listen to Kobby talk or sing and be, merely, entertained. As devoted believer, in Jesus Christ, the stage, he says, is his pulpit to bring comfort to the despondent and to reach out to the unbelievers.  

Today, Kobby Prairie encourages people through singing and speaking at conferences, churches, corporate and academic institutions, and etcetera. Ask Prairie why he thinks he was brought to Earth, and he’ll say “I am called to encourage people of my generation the art of music and public speaking: I am a Christian and I am not ashamed to say so”

Long Story Short

I was trapped in the noise of religion and controlled by the ego. I had bought into the wrong idea that life is a struggle… that one has to be aggressive to find meaning and happiness. I wrote songs and pursued a music career in hopes that I may find fulfillment and become ‘somebody’. Now, after over seven years of reading a wide range of materials, seeking, and knocking, I have found the peace that is beyond name and form… beyond religion or creed… I have found the life I needed; that life is the love I needed; that love is the truth I needed, and that truth is the Christ.

I’ve found the reason for my being, and, now I sing, write, and speak to inspire others to find theirs.
My philosophy, now, is that as long as you are breathing you are as important as any other human being on earth, and it is your duty to discover, focus on, and to be what only you have been born to be. Being what you are created to be is the only endeavor that pays beyond time and money.

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