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About Kobby Prairie

Better known by his stage name Kobby Prairie, Ernest Kwabena Opare Owusu, is a singer/songwriter, public speaker, and entrepreneur, born in Accra, Ghana. He spent his formative years studying music online. After a course in French and Spanish at the Ghana Institute of Languages, He was torn between going to England to study Psychology on a half scholarship and staying home to follow up with his love for music. He started writing his own materials and he has not looked back since 2010.

In 2014, after signing a record and management contract with Hillikz Music and Mass Concept respectively, He released his debut single “Heart Song” and embarked on a philanthropic project dubbed “Moment on The Prairie”. “My First Love [An Ode to Mothers]” was later released in 2016 alongside a CD containing two other songs and three soundtracks.

Prairie has graced many events, performing his own materials; both as …

Let peace reign in Ghana by Kobby Prairie

Let Peace Reign in Ghana Initiative.

The peace of Ghana is a necessity for every well-meaning Ghanaian, and as the first line of The Peace song says, “it is plain to see that there is something wrong with our land… but hatred and strife won’t make it right”. Ghanaian singer-songwriter, Kobby Prairie, and his team has embarked on an initiative to help promote peace before, during, and after the December 7th elections. With the current heightened state of uncertainty and grief caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, globally, the wreck of our already strife-filled world has been worsened. As Ghanaians, our motherland is the only land we truly have and the peace of Ghana is something we must all work and seek to maintain. As a musician and a public speaker, Prairie is using the thought-provoking lyrics of his peace song titled “Love Like Fire [a call to peace]” to preach a “Let Peace Reign in Ghana” message. ; a number of live performances on a TV and radio tours in some selected regions in Ghana are intended to push the “Let Peace Reign in Ghana” initiative.

Compounding a blend of country and soul music, “Love Like Fire” throws more light on the need for oneness and cooperation amongst all men.

My New Single Available For Download.

Friends, I have released a new song- I Am Not Alone to help keep you in positive energy no matter the circumstance. Now more than ever we all need hope. Download “I Am Not Alone” today, and get “Crossroad Live Audio” for free.


Live Session Videos.

Stir up positive energy with these KP tracks.

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